Sneaker on Rocks


Relevant, flexible and integrated

Customers.  Lets get into that:

Customer Profile profile of your customers, active and lapsed, segmented by product to help understand who your buyers are.  We can also deliver predictive modules and database segmentation to support your planning and communication strategies.

Customer Acquisition From your customer profile and your offering we can put together a flexible data plan that dovetails with your current campaign and data reach. 

Lead Generation Opted in consumers that have agreeing to be contacted by you or your representative for your product.  You decide the volumes of leads you want.

Acquisition An all in one price approach. Once we understand your needs we can provide a fixed price per new customer.  

Rental  Bulk email, sms, telephone or direct mail data sets, fitting your customer profile.

Campaign support  We can organise broadcasts, telephone and mail campaigns and support various reply mechanics.  And deduplicate  at address level to ensure we are not contacting your customers.