Relevant, targeted and always GDPR compliant

We’ve been on the DMA Council for 10 years, we're continually asked to be GDPR speakers at events, and our compliance audits are in high demand.

We believe data provision is evolving more now than any time over the last 30 years. We all know that data is exploding - industry leaders now use not only traditional measures such as profile by demographic/lifestyle indicators, but also behaviour and digital influencers.  Combining traditional with new techniques delivers greater insight into your current and potential customers. You may know they are in the lifestage to buy your product, but how do they make the final purchase decision - via web browsing, Instagram views or other social influencers?  How do they shop - in store, online only, or a combination?  

We access all types of data to drive campaigns, provide lead generation, improve your own customer data, and create custom digital audiences – the possibilities are endless.

If you’re looking for lead generation, we have fully-compliant and ‘opted-in’ audiences, great for outbound calling and email. We’ll create each audience based on your specific requirements. Using propensity scores and ‘look-a-like’ modelling techniques, we can provide you with additional targeted data for acquisition campaigns from list data.

We use large national data assets as well as smaller niche audiences to provide in-depth insight into why trends happen – so you understand the REASONS behind your response analysis.

Whether countrywide demographic and lifestyle information, or niche high-value travelers, coupon club members or families with young children, we have access to data for all your needs.  We do the match, the de-dupe and the analytical, done and dealt.

If your compliance is up-to-standard (we’re sticklers on that), we can also help you monetise your own data for 3rd-party use.  We’ll make your data market-ready to give you an income stream you’re not taking advantage of…………yet.


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