Its in the detail

To start with we can profile your base to understand what you have -  and sometimes that’s all you need.

However, if you need more detailed insight for customer acquisition or customer knowledge and growth we have Data Scientists with a range of skills to help you.

Customer propensity modelling and segmentation can help drive acquisition and messaging. Detailed response analysis, with external data if required, can help you better understand how your efforts are really performing. We’ll help you identify why some customers lapse and build better retention strategies - find out who likes you and why, and why some people move away.

We create scores to spot trends, understand which touch-points work, and when and how to use multi-touch approaches to increase your customer base, retention and buying frequency.

Mass data harvesting is increasing and making sense of all that information can feel impossible.   We employ AI and Machine Learning to find new nuggets of value –  in a usable manner. Our clever data monkeys apply experience, common sense, and determination to transform mass information into actionable strategies.

Measurability is our thing.  Clever data manipulation only benefits your business if you can analyse, test and alter your game plan, so we deploy our Data Science strategies with full visibility – no black boxes, no mysteries.

Simply put, our data science teams will help you improve your decision-making.  Contact us today to find out how…..


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