Its in the detail

We'll start by profiling your base to understand what you have -  and sometimes that’s all you need.

However, if you need more detailed insight for customer acquisition or customer knowledge and growth we have Data Scientists with a range of skills to help you.

Customer propensity modelling and segmentation can help drive acquisition and messaging. Detailed response analysis, with external data if required, can help you better understand how your efforts are really performing. We’ll help you identify why some customers lapse and build better retention strategies - find out who likes you and why, and why some people move away.

We create scores to spot trends, understand which touch-points work, and when and how to use multi-touch approaches to increase your customer base, retention and buying frequency.

Mass data harvesting is increasing and making sense of all that information can feel impossible.   We employ AI and Machine Learning to find new nuggets of value –  in a usable manner. Our clever data monkeys apply experience, common sense, and determination to transform mass information into actionable strategies.

Measurability is our thing.  Clever data manipulation only benefits your business if you can analyse, test and alter your game plan, so we deploy our Data Science strategies with full visibility – no black boxes, no mysteries.

Simply put, our data science teams will help you improve your decision-making.  Contact us today to find out how…..


Results You’ll Love

Data sources and content constantly change. We build your CDP with easy-handling features to cleanse, standardise and stitch together all sources you have, now and in the future.  Many companies miss out on the power of their in-house data by having it lie around in different silos, so first we’ll bring it all together.

With your CDP in operation, you'll have a multi-dimensional platform that enables you to act quickly without crippling your IT resources.  Using 2nd- and 3rd-party data sources (lifestyle, demographic, household), you’ll have key discriminators for trigger points, and you’ll understand which touch-points/channels to employ for each message.  Each dimension can be aggregated and rationalised, giving you a marketplace agility you never thought possible.  RFM value indicators with weighting ensure you don’t miss opportunities, and our bespoke predictive modelling techniques enable you to create an orchestrated multi-channel strategy.

Say goodbye to black holes.  We’ll help you build a reporting system so you can analyse factors like Customer Acquisition Cost and Return on Ad Spend across all channels, in-house and 3rd-party.  

Oh, and the basic but critically important stuff - what you have, how old it is and how many touch points are your customers engaging with.

We’ll help you grow at the pace you choose.  We welcome the opportunity to discuss how we can help you better leverage your current data's power.


Under pinned by GDPR and relevance

GDPR transformed data provision, we will help embrace the legislation and take a proactive acquisition approach.  Provenance and compliance are our ‘thing.’  We’ve been on the DMA Council for 10 years, are continually asked to be GDPR speakers at events, and our compliance audits are in high demand.

We believe data provision is evolving more now than anytime over the last 30 years. We all know that data is exploding -  industry leaders now use not only traditional measures such as profile by demographic/lifestyle indicators, but also behavior and digital influencers.   Combining traditional with new techniques delivers greater insight into your customers and potential customers. We may know they are in the lifestage to buy your product, but how do they make the final purchase decision -  via web browsing, Instagram views or other social influencers; how do they shop - in store, online only, or a combination.  We can access all types of data in the market to help drive campaigns, lead generation, improve your own customer data, or create custom digital audiences – the possibilities are endless.

If you’re looking for lead generation, we have fully-compliant and ‘opted-in’ audiences, great for outbound calling and email. We’ll create each audience based on your specific requirements. Using propensity scores and ‘look-a-like’ modelling techniques, we can provide you with additional targeted data for acquisition campaigns from list data.

Using large national data assets as well as smaller niche audiences to supplement the work of our data science teams to give in-depth insight into why trends happen – so you understand the REASONS behind your response analysis.

Whether countrywide demographic and lifestyle information, or high-value travelers, coupon club members or families with young children, we have access to data for all your needs.  We do the match, the de-dupe and the analytical, done and dealt.

If your compliance is up-to-standard (we’re sticklers on that), we can also help you monetise your own data for 3rd-party use.  We’ll make your data market-ready to give you an income stream you’re not taking advantage of…………yet.


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