After more than 30 years in the industry, we created the Data Gym to work with our clients the way we want …. and the way they want.  With no external stakeholders to satisfy, we are agile and responsive, giving you the competitive edge.

The gym drives our philosophy; we partner with our clients much as a coaching team does. Sometimes higher performance demands expert regression analaysis, other challenges require additional modalities - we supply all pieces of kit to help you adapt and grow.

We analyse your needs and your data – your own data is your core, and we’ll help you strengthen and monetise it. We’ll help you progress by using our data science teams, technologies, customer platforms and actionable.

Get strong, agile, focused and avoid injury.......we'll show you how.

Lifting Barbell


Let Us Handle Everything

Strength - harness the power of seasoned trainers to capitalise on what you can do alone.

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