Results You’ll Love

Data sources and content constantly change. We build your CDP with easy-handling features to cleanse, standardise and stitch together all sources you may have, now and in the future.  Many companies miss out on the power of their in-house data by having it lie around in different silos, so first we’ll bring it all together.

With your CDP in operation, you have to hand a multi-dimensional platform that enables you to act in short time without crippling your IT resources.  Using 2nd and 3rd party data sources (lifestyle, demographic, household), you’ll have key discriminators for trigger points, and you’ll understand which touch-points/channels to employ for each message.  Most important, each dimension can be aggregated and rationalised, giving you a marketplace agility you never thought possible.  RFM value indicators with weighting ensure you don’t miss opportunities, and our bespoke predictive modelling techniques enable you to create an orchestrated multi-channel strategy.

Finally, say goodbye to black holes.  We’ll help you build a reporting system so you can analyse things like Customer Acquisition Cost and Return on Ad Spend across all channels, in-house and 3rd party.  Oh, and the basic stuff of what you have, how old it is and how how many touch points are you customers engaging with.

We’ll help you grow at the pace that you choose.  We would welcome the opportunity to discuss how we can help leverage your current data's power.


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